Generate design-driven product configurations
Transforming your product design into configurations through a basic model for visualization and analysis


Transfer your design to product configuration

Analyze for completeness and consistency

Perform impact analysis of design changes

Easy hand-over to logistics & production

Problem and solution

Fast-changing. For systems engineers and architects it is often difficult to find adequate support for visualizing and managing fast-changing ideas and product architectures on the one hand and the need for complete and consistent product configurations manufacturing on the other hand.

Steep learning curve. Most System Engineering tools have steep learning curves, often use their own modeling languages and have limited possibilities to interface with Logistics and Manufacturing.

Our solution. Configueres uses a basic model to capture the volatile product designs including all variants and options, in such a way that they can be visualized and analysed graphically to detect missing elements, confirm completeness or show incompleteness, and generate 100% configurations from a 150% design list of building blocks.

Configueres in a nutshell


  • No additional tooling is required
  • No specific language is required
  • Semantic web principles applied (nodes & edges)
  • Customizable

  • Apply your shapes, colors, and images
  • Use your own object and relation types
  • All your data remains local, no cloud storage
  • Experts experience

  • Configueres streamlines design to manufacturing
  • Unique features reduce errors
  • Efficient and simple process
  • Get started

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